Life-Affirming Medical Clinic


We are a Life-Affirming Medical Clinic that reaches out with the love of Christ to those people who are facing a crisis pregnancy.

Our 15 step patient services platform helps the patient from the moment she calls for an appointment; as she meets with her Patient Advocate for pregnancy options counseling and caring and confidential help; as our Nurses administer free pregnancy tests and limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy along with STD testing and treatment; and throughout a follow-up process.

WRC does not refer for abortion or contraceptives.  We are a non-judgmental Christian ministry that provides the information for our patients to make an informed choice regarding their pre-born baby.  We pray that our patients will choose life, and we are here to help them if the make an abortion decision they regret.

87% of our patients who come to WRC who are considering abortion have a change of heart and choose life for their babies!