Does WRC refer for abortions? 

No, we do not refer for abortions.  We provide our clients with the information for them to make an informed choice regarding their pregnancies. Parenting, adoption and abortion option education is provided. We always pray our patients will choose life.

Does WRC refer for contraceptives? 

No.  It is against our policies and procedures to refer for contraceptives.

What do your services cost? 

All of the services at WRC are free and confidential.

Are you a real Medical Clinic?

Yes, WRC is a Medical Clinic under the direction of Angela Biggs, MD our Medical Director. Medical professionals provide the pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy and limited STD testing and treatment.

Do your patients know that WRC is a Christian organization?

Yes, as part of our 15 step patient services platform the opportunity to hear the Gospel is presented.  If a patient declines we do not proceed, however most patients welcome the chance to hear about how much God loves them.

What about if a patient still decides to abort? Are you judgmental?

WRC always shows the love of Christ to our patients. They are not judged, but are loved.  Each patient fills out an exit interview after their appointment and we hear over and over again from our patients how they do not feel judged.